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This article will explain the steps to generating Customer Research based on your chosen book topic. Customer Research is one of the most important parts of creating a book, and can take many hours to complete on your own. With the help of AI, we will get it done in minutes!

Have you watched Customer Research yet? Start there and learn the best

methods to complete customer research.

Refer to the Customer Research Sheet to see a sample of what

your customer research should look like.

Generating Customer Research

  1. First, enter the topic you've decided to do customer research for. Be sure the topic you chose has Proof Of Concept. We have strict guidelines and requirements that are meant to protect your investment of time and resources, and give you the best possible opportunity to succeed. Don't cut corners here! If you need to review Module 2, go ahead and do that now.

2. Next, specify your target demographic. This will help ensure the specific audience you are wanting to reach is considered when generating customer research.

To learn more about your target demographic CLICK HERE

3. Next, enter either the 10-digit ASIN numbers or 10-digit ISBN numbers from similar books on Amazon. Separate them with commas if you enter more than one ASIN or ISBN number.

4. Click on the tool tips (?) to learn more about where to find ASIN numbers, or

For more detailed Information and help with finding, adding, and troubleshooting ASIN and ISBN input, please click HERE

Can't find an ASIN? You may also use a 10-digit ISBN. For Amazon e- books, these work too!

Note: Only e-books will have a 10-digit ISBN; physical books have a 13-digit one that will not work for this feature.

5. Last, click the Generate button. You will see the process begin in the output section on the right side of the screen.

Customer research reports are usually generated within 5-10 minutes. You may keep the page open to see when your report is ready, or if you wish to work on another project, you will receive a notification in the software, and you will also be emailed to let you know when your generation is ready.

6. If you are happy with the results, you can copy the results by clicking the Copy button in the top right section of the page. Or, you can highlight specific sections and use Control-C to copy them to your clipboard.

If you would like a new set of results, simply click the Generate button again to reset the prompt and create a new output of customer research report!

REMINDER: It is always best to read through the customer research output to ensure it aligns with what you want this book to be about as it may need further refinement.

AI may sometimes misunderstand the scope of a topic, add in ideas that don't make sense for your audience, or even present contradictory ideas. It's normal and helpful to edit these out when moving on to the next step!

If you feel something in this guide is missing, please let us know by reaching out to [email protected] and sharing your feedback!

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