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Software Updates June 25th, 2024
Software Updates June 25th, 2024

We have made some exciting updates to the software in our outline editor! Read below for more details.

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  • We have some new surveys going out in the software to hear how you are enjoying the software and how we can better improve the experience! Keep your eyes open within your project flow and thank you for participating.

  • Outline Editor Updates!
    We have made some significant changes to the outline editor to help improve the user experience. Updates are going out in the Facebook community and within the Help Center here

    What’s changed

    • New editing toolbar

    • No more chapter boxes! Adding chapters and sub-chapters can be done by clicking the text style box on the toolbar.

    • Source links have been removed from the outline. They will still appear in your reference page. However all details for content should be in the outline body text.


    • Easier chapter or content additions. If you want to copy or paste a section from one outline to another, you can with more ease.

    • The content no longer needs to be in bullet form for subchapters. Additional text can be added for more detail with no constraints.

    • You don’t have to worry if you are using the right formatting for your headings. Now you can choose in the toolbar

      • Chapter

      • Subchapter

      • Normal Text

      Benefits of Removing the sources from the outline

      Mixing irrelevant content from a sourced article with intended references can lead to confusion and a poorer quality manuscript. By removing the need to add sources during the outline stage, we are streamlining the writing process, ensuring higher quality content, and reducing the risk of errors due to outdated or irrelevant content, malicious sources, or broken links.

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