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AI Moderation and Censorship
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This article covers how some of the AI tools we use moderate sensitive topics. There are restraints imposed by AI models we rely on to generate content for your books, but our software is also programmed to take amazons content moderation rules into consideration when generating content for your book projects. This article is here to help you be aware of any restrictions, and to navigate them for your own publishing projects.

There are certain topics and books that we advise not to publish in order to remain in AIA's, Amazon KDP, and Audibles guidelines.

Ill-advised topics for AIA are covered in Module 2's Coming Up with Topic Ideas Lesson:

➡️ For the most up-to-date information, please see Amazon's own guidelines here.

This link is also provided in the AIA lesson.

We respectfully ask our members to respect and adhere to these guidelines

Any additional questions or feedback can be sent to AIA Support: [email protected]

Thank you and happy publishing!

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