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Guide: Folders, Favorites, and Trash
Guide: Folders, Favorites, and Trash avatar
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This Guide is here to help you with our left menu within the Software!

On the home page of you have a collapsable menu on the left side of the screen. To access it you can click on the 2 lines

When the drawer opens, you will see 4 tabs on at the top: Home, Folders, Favorites, and Trash.

The Home tab, will always take you back to the home page.


The Folders Tab, will open up another menu that will allow you to create folders for your projects!

When you click on the + Create Folder button, You will see a pop up allowing you to name your first folder! Enter the name for your folder a click continue to save.

These folders can be helpful if you are working on a series of books and you want to keep them organized.

For example:
- If you were doing a series of finance books you could folder them here.
- If you were creating a number of books you knew you wanted under the same pen name, you could add them to the same folder created here.


The Favorites Tab, will allow you to add generations to a favorites folder.

Click on the tab, and you will see this pop up!
Click on the Add favorites button, and you will see a list of your project generations.

Making a favorites list is a bit like creating bookmarks. It allows you to easily access the projects that you want to focus on! If you have many projects that you have explored, but not created manuscripts for yet. you can favorite the ones you would like to persue!


The Trash Tab will allow you to access genertions that you may have deleted in the past.
If you accidentally delete a generation, you can access it in your Trash tab. Note that if you empty your trash, you may still be able to recover a past generation by contacting our support team, but it is not guaranteed so do your best to not empty your trash generations unless you know you are 100% no longer going to have any intrest of ever retrieving them.

If you feel something in this guide is missing, please let us know by reaching out to [email protected] and sharing your feedback!

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