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Guide: Writing Sample & Manuscript
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This article will explain the steps to generating a Writing Sample and a Manuscript based on your Book Outline. Writing a manuscript is the reason why we put so much work into the previous steps. It's what makes you the money. Hiring a Ghostwriter used to be the best way to get a high quality manuscript written if you didn't want to write books yourself. The average time for a ghostwriter to write one book is 4-6 weeks.

Now, with the help of AI, we will get it done in less than a day! You don't have to hire, organize, or supervise to get a quality manuscript that your readers will rave about!

Have you watched the Ghostwriting lessons in Module 3?

Many of the important review processes you would take with a ghostwriter, we want you to apply to reviewing your ai manuscript.

Generating a Writing Sample

  1. Before you generate your manuscript, you the software will create free writing samples for you. This will allow you to get a sense of the style of writing you like before you choose a sample to proceed with.

    If you don't have a preference for writing style, you can choose a default style. The default writing style is a neutral tone that is not influenced by any of the 'select my own writing style(s).

    Feel free to play around and generate more then one until you have found a writing style that you like.

If you choose to select your own writing style(s) you would like your manuscript written in based on your customer audience and personal wishes, you can select one (1) or a combination.

Note: You may not choose tones that conflict with each other. If you attempt to select conflicting tones, the conflicting tone (to the first selected) will grey out.

To learn more about writing styles CLICK HERE

(see formal and informal below)

2. Once you select your tone(s) and click generate, the writing sample will generate for you to review. Read through the sample. Change the writing style selections if you are unhappy with the language style and click generate again. The rest of the manuscript will be written in the same style, so it is important to ensure you are happy with the writing style before proceeding to the next steps.

3. Make sure you are on the chosen sample generation number you wish to use before you proceed to the next step. If you have generated multiple writing samples with different styles, you can toggle through them on the top bar above the writing sample.


Next, you can select 'Yes, I want to generate the Full Manuscript' or 'No, I will be writing it myself or using a ghostwriter'.

Make sure to read the important copy below the selections

If you have a manuscript credit to use, selecting yes will let you know that you will redeem it when clicking continue.

If you do not have a manuscript credit to use, a link will appear allowing you to purchase a credit, or a credit bundle.

Credits are available for single purchase for $399 or in a discounted pack of three for $997.

NOTE: If you purchase a credit or a credit package, you can save your billing information if you wish to use it for you monthly subscription access when your access runs out!

If you do not want to use our manuscript writer, and you prefer to copy your documents to give to a ghostwriter, please select No, I will be writing it myself or using a ghostwriter.

When you click continue,

You will be asked again if you are sure you want to proceed using a manuscript credit or skipping to book description.

Yes I want to Generate my Full Manuscript:

No, I will be writing it myself or using a ghostwriter:

You will see that you skipped the full manuscript for now on your progress bar.

When your manuscript is generating, you project screen will look like this. You are welcome to go back to your home page, start a new project, or walk away while it is generating. You will be notified by email, and through a pop-up in the software when your generation is ready.

REMINDER: Just like with a ghostwriter, it is your responsibility to review your manuscript fully when it is done generating. You will have the ability to edit the content with the help of AI once the full 30k word manuscript generation is complete. To learn more about editing with our Text Editor please go here.

When reviewing your manuscript consider what to look out for which is covered in Module 3: Ghostwriting Success.

Our software has the tools to assist you with adjusting anything you like in the editing stage, so as long as you put in the same care and attention as you would when using a ghostwriter, you are sure to get an amazing manuscript!

Let the team know by reaching out to support in the chat widgetlocated on the lower right side of the screen in the Get Help tab . If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the content of your manuscript generation, we are here to help!

If you feel something in this guide is missing, please let us know by reaching out to [email protected] and sharing your feedback!

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