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How to Login/Signup to the Publishing.AI Beta software
How to Login/Signup to the Publishing.AI Beta software

This article shows you how to login and get started with our Publishing.AI software

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This is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to setup your account and login to the Publishing.AI Software.

Step 1: Gaining Access

When you are added to the software as a user, you will receive an invite/ access email informing you that your access has been granted.

Please ensure that you check your inbox/spam/promotions folder to ensure that your access email was not filtered in your email inbox.

This invite email will come from: [email protected] and will have the title
"Your subscription starts today"

Step 2: Creating Your Account

Once you receive your access email, your next step is to setup your account and create your password.

Click on the link from the invite email


Visit and then click on "Sign Up"

If you choose Google Single Sign On if your access email was sent to your gmail account, you can use this each time you login.

If you do not use Google Single Sign on, enter your AIA email (This is the email address you received your invite/ access with) and create a new password.

Click on "Continue" to proceed to the next step and finish setting up your account.

(Save your password as this is the password you will use to login to the software every time)

Step 3: Logging in and getting started

Once your account has been successfully created, return to to login page: and login using the newly created email and password to login.

Congrats! You're in!

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