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Oh no, you found a bug!
And also, thank you for finding it. One of the reasons for this beta test is so helpful publishers like you can let us know what is broken, so our hard working developers can fix it.
When something does go wrong, please follow the steps below to let us know about is:

Reporting a Bug

  1. First, please gather the following data:

    1. What feature were you trying to use?

    2. What is the issue you are having?

    3. What browser are you using?

    4. If you are able to send a screenshot or video of the issue, please do so!

  2. Next, contact Support at: [email protected], or through the widget in the Get Help button, and provide them with the above information.

  3. Your message will be received and reviewed by Support for triage and they will communicate updates to you and help resolve the reported bug!
    If you would like to submit feedback that does not require a response, you can use the feedback button in your dashboard, shown here:

Please note that while some bugs will be fixed almost immediately, others may take much longer. All issues have to be logged, tested, and triaged by the development team. Thank you again for writing in, and we appreciate your patience as we make things better. you can ask support for updates on any bugs you are experiencing if they are not able to solve them immediately.

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