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This FAQ will cover the most common questions about our software access to it. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the private beta Facebook community or to message our support team.

What is

Last year, our team started working on a revolutionary idea to change the way you self-publish. We built with the intention to help self publishers create high quality content without having to invest thousands of dollars or waiting months to create a book. Our AI-assisted tool helps you shortcut that process creating a book without the need to hire freelancers and writers allowing you to focus on making quality books faster. is currently in beta as we grow to provide the best service for our students and future publishers.

I tried to use the app on my phone, and nothing works!

Our user interface is currently only designed for desktop use. A device needs a minimum screen width of 1024 pixels. Practically speaking, this means desktops, laptops, some tablets, and a handful of phones. But must handheld devices just wouldn't provide a good experience, so at this early stage of the beta the app won't work on those.

How much time and money am I saving with the software?

  • Customer Research Report: If you do it yourself, it’s just countless hours of online research, scouring the internet for everything possible about your customer. It's hard to put a price on time, but we know time is money!

  • Book Outline: If you outsource to Publishing Services, the turnaround time is 10 business days, and it costs $397.

  • Manuscript Writing: Traditional ghostwriting will cost you upwards of $1000 and about 3 months of your time. This is on top of your book outline costs if you choose to outsource.

Add all that up, and you are saving big!

What exactly does beta access mean?

When we talk about beta access, it means that you’ll get to try out our software as a bonus for 6 months. It’s a chance to test out the features before you decide if a paid subscription is right for you. You’ll have access for six months from the date you are granted access. During this time, things might not be perfect yet. We consider you one of our awesome testers, and we appreciate getting your feedback to make our software better.

So, what will I actually get access to? What can the software do?

Ah, great question! During your six-month beta period, you’ll have access to a range of features.

  • Get suggestions for book topic ideas (these still need to be verified that they pass proof of concept)

  • Generate a customer research report that also scrapes the Amazon reviews of other books when you enter their 10-digit ASIN/ISBN

  • Create a book outline for your book that includes lists of references you can use.

  • Write a book description for your book that can be used on its Amazon page.

  • PA students will get one free manuscript credit to generate a 30,000 word manuscript with their 6 month free beta access (compared to AIA students, who will not).

When does the 6 month beta access start?

Access starts the day you are sent an email notifying you that you have been granted access. After the initial 6-month period, you have the option to continue your subscription at $29 per month. If you have not logged in for 6 months, you cannot claim your bonus time back after it has expired, so make sure to check your email primary inbox, junk and spam, and contact support if you are not sure!

If you are a PA student, you will also receive a manuscript credit. The free manuscript credit will expire after 1 year (12 months) from the date of issuing. You can purchase more manuscript credits during the 6-month bonus period. Purchased credits do not expire!

If you are an AIA student, you will not receive a manuscript credit but you have the option to purchase one if you like.

There may be occasional service outages, or we may have a build revision so major that we take things down for a short period of time, but on the whole you will have access for the full beta time period.

Why didn’t I get access right away?

Ah, that’s because we’re still in the process of building and perfecting our product. We want to make sure it’s in a good place. So for now, we’re gradually opening up access to students in groups. This helps us perform load testing on the software and ensure that our system doesn’t break under the pressure. Once we see that everything is running smoothly, more students will be given beta access.

Do I need to subscribe after my beta access is up? How much is going to cost after 6 months?

Access after the beta bonus trial period requires an active subscription. Subscriptions cost $29 per month and can be paused or canceled at any time. You get unlimited access to everything except for manuscript credits, which are purchased separately.

What Credit cards do you accept?

We accept Amex, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit cards. All charges are in USD.
If your credit card is with a provider outside of the USA, you will be charged your banks live conversion rate.

What benefits do PA students get?

PA students will get one free manuscript credit with their 6-month free beta access (compared to AIA students, who will not).

Can I use my manuscript credit without an active subscription?

You must have an active subscription to be able to use your manuscript credit. Active subscriptions run on a monthly basis, so you cannot generate content and then cancel for a refund. Your access will be billed for the month, and you are free to use all services available to you while you have access for the remainder of your billing period.

If I cancel my subscription but I still have manuscript credits, what happens?

Free Manuscript credits will remain in your account for 1 year (12 months) from the date of issuing. You can use them anytime you have an active subscription. If you cancel your subscription with an active credit, re-subscribe within one year of the manuscript credit issue date to use it. Purchased manuscript credits do not expire, but you will need to re-activate your subscription to use them.

When do manuscript credits expire?

Free manuscript credits expire after one year (12 Months) from the date granted.

Paid manuscript credits do not expire.

What are the total costs to produce a book if I use the software?

Access to the software is $29 per month, and you can use all the features to your heart's desire at no additional charge during your subscription period, except for generating a full 30,000 word manuscript.

A manuscript credit is only $399, or you can purchase a bundle of three (3) manuscript credits for $997 to save $200 if you want to make more than one book!

Note: Cover design, editing, and formatting are not yet part of the software. These services will still need to be outsourced, or you can do them yourself!

How many books can I make with my bonus beta access?

You have unlimited access to the book topics, customer research, and outline features. If you are a PA student, you can create one (1) 30,000 word Manuscript using a credit.

*PA students can create one (1) full book at no cost as part of their beta access. This content must be generated and claimed within 12 months of being granted access.

*AIA students will have the option to purchase manuscript credits during the beta. With a credit purchase, they can create one (1) full book for the cost of a credit during the beta period.

All students can create as many books as they’d like if they choose to purchase additional credits during the beta access period.

Can I write a full book with Publishing.aI?

Yes! our software is designed to generate high quality customer research, book outlines, and, 30,000 word non-fiction manuscripts. Remember, your AI assisted book generation is no different than working with a ghostwriter. You still need to cross your t’s and dot your i’s like you would with any other book. (Meaning, verifying facts, editing your book, doing a thorough read-through, checking for plagiarism, etc.)

Is there a way to get more free access or credits?

We may occasionally offer contests, surveys, and other ways to get free manuscript credits. To stay in the know about these, be a member of our software community on Facebook, and make sure email communication from is whitelisted.

Is there training on how to use the software?

The onboarding video will show you a walkthrough of how to use the software.
There are tooltip hints throughout the software to help guide you (?).
Video tutorials and explanations about key information are also provided in-app.
Go to Guides in the Help Center for more detailed instructions on using each step of the software.

Do bonus members get beta access?
(Does my partner I signed up with have use of the AI?)

No. There are no additional accounts provided for bonus members. They can buy a subscription to the software and a manuscript credit for full access, so they don't miss out!

Does the software scan for data or things that will need to be cited in my book?

AI identifies relevant citations and draws facts from that source to include in your manuscript. It will provide you with the sources in your outline, and at the end of your manuscript. You can easily add more of your own references and citations during the editing process.

Will I be able to use it for just one book at a time?

You can have many open projects at the same time. In fact, we encourage it!
You may create several different outlines for completely different topics before deciding which one to use with your free or purchased manuscript credits.

Can I copyright my ai generated manuscript from

the laws of many countries are not amenable to non-human copyright.

In the United States, for example, the Copyright Office currently declares that it will “register an original work of authorship, provided that the work was:

  • created by a human being


  • maintains a standard of 'Sufficient Human Authorship'

It is important to look at the regulations currently put in place within the country you wish to apply for copyright. As these laws are evolving rapidly with the development of AI, understand that copyright laws today may not be the same tomorrow.

What Sufficient Human Authorship Looks Like

If you are contributing to the development of your book project by thoroughly reviewing and adjusting the customer research, outline, and adding your own human voice and input into the manuscript during the editing process to ensure a quality experience for your readers, you can apply and likely obtain copyright within the US, Canada, and the UK and other major regions a publisher may operate out of.

What Sufficient Human Authorship Does Not Look Like

If you take a manuscript from the software without any input and review in the customer research and outline stage, and you do not personally read, edit, or hire a content editor to do so if you wish to not personally human edit and review after generating, it is likely that the copyright office will not accept your manuscript for copyright certification at this time.

Alright, I’m curious! What new features can we expect?

Oh, get ready for this one—it’s pretty exciting! We’re working on a feature that will allow you to customize your generated manuscript post-delivery with the help of AI! That means edit, expand, summarize, and rephrase your text directly within the software through rich text AI editors! As we build this out more, there will be a plagiarism checker feature added to ensure your manuscript is unique and plagiarism-free.

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