AI Publishing Academy is now Live!

All you need to know about the AI Publishing Academy, new AI course lessons, and how to get access. All the updated and new Course lessons

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Hi There,

We've got some exciting news!

We have released AI Publishing Academy.

This is our revolutionary new program that shows you exactly how to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to do MORE for your book FASTER than ever before. With AI Publishing Academy, you get to accelerate the creation process and get your books to the finish line a lot quicker.
Now your Publishing business has a hands-on assistant that does almost all the work for you and AI Publishing Academy empowers and shows you exactly how!

See the Announcements from Christian and Rasmus

Checkout the Facebook community announcement HERE

Christian and Rasmus, on the Q & A call ( Held 6th, June 2023) went deep into what this is and how it can help you super-charge your publishing business by reducing costs, slashing the time it takes to publish your books down to a fraction, and simplify the way you make money with Publishing.

How to get access to AI Publishing Academy.

As an AIA student, you get full access to this new program at no cost.
This has already been added to your library here.

Then navigate to "AI Publishing Academy" and click on "Access"

What are the new program lessons in AI Publishing Academy?

Here are all the new course lessons being Launched with AI Publishing Academy.

Module 2

  • The 4 Pieces Of A Successful Book

  • Using AI to Supercharge Your Business

  • The Ultimate AI Prompt Sheet

  • Using ChatGPT for Topic Ideas

  • Decide & Go (updated)

Module 3

  • Customer Research

  • Book Title

  • Choosing Your Pen Name

  • Book Outline

  • Ghostwriting x 4 lessons

Module 4

  • Book Cover

  • Midjourney (AI Art)

  • Proofreading & Editing

  • Formatting Your Book

  • Book Description with AI

  • Book Layout

Module 5

  • Price Anchoring

  • Professional Video Review

  • Pricing Your Book

  • Amazon Author Central

  • Pubby Review Method

  • Copyrighting Your Book

There has never been an easier way to automate your Publishing business than leveraging AI.

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