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Introduction to the FAQ

A quick introduction to the FAQ Document, and resource cheatsheet

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Before asking a question in the Facebook group, please search inside this FAQ knowledge base and see if your question is already answered in here. Use the search bar at the top of this page to type in what you are looking for and all information relating to that will appear.

The vast majority of the questions in the FAQ document are answered in the course and the AIA Resource Cheatsheet. If there is anything you think we missed, please contact Community Manager in the AIA 2.0 Facebook Group via DM.

ATTENTION: Because this knowledge base will be updated over time, CREATE A SHORTCUT TO THIS FILE IN YOUR OWN DRIVE! Do NOT make a copy.

Instructions on how to make a shortcut are below. This means this knowledge base will always be the freshest/newest/most up to date version as it is a “live” document.

Please Note: 3rd party app/extension/software providers periodically raise/change their pricing. AIA has no control over this and has no input on pricing structures of third party service providers. ALSO note: Taxes on said services/products will vary according to your country/province/territory region.

These two factors may cause prices to be slightly higher/lower than spoken about in the course.

VERY BRIEF video on how to use Facebook/Facebook Feed for AIA

The TWO most commonly asked questions in the Facebook community:

Q: Should I buy KDRIO with KDSpy

A: NO you should NOT, it is not needed for you…

Q: What is the new code for Ingram spark

A: Check page 21 of this document regularly - They stopped doing codes for a long time but have recently provided some with a short lifetime on them…

How to create a shortcut in Google Drive:


  • DO NOT review other AIA member’s books. Amazon knows that you are somehow connected.

** Please read amazon/kdp TOS in regards to what you can/cannot review

*** This does not apply to ACX (Audible) While exchanging positive reviews is not allowed - it is perfectly fine to review other publishers books - so long as you are leaving an honest review.

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