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How Do I Send a Message to My Personal Coach?
How Do I Send a Message to My Personal Coach?

In this article, you will learn how to send a message to your personal coach as a Publishing Accelerator Student

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This article explains exactly how to contact your personal coach and start working directly with them.

At the end of this article, you will have learned how to connect with and get 1-on-1 personalised help from your coach by messaging them.

Step 1

To contact your Coach as a Publishing Accelerator student, please login to your Publishing Accelerator account and click on "Contact your Coach"

Step 2

Select the β€œMessage your Coach” option

The chat widget will pop open for you to initiate a chat with VIP Support.

As a Publishing Accelerator student, you have exclusive access to VIP Support. VIP Support works hand-in-hand with your personal Coach and they have the expertise and knowledge to assist with basic coaching inquiries while escalating core coaching questions to your Coach.

Please allow for 24 business hours to hear back from VIP Support or your Coach.

You will be prompted to ask your questions in the widget. Remember to provide as much context as possible so your coach can give you feedback. You can even use a free service such as to create a video for your coach and share the video link in the widget.

Your message will be sent to your coach and you will receive an email notification when they reply.(if you are online inside your Publishing Accelerator dashboard when they reply, it will be a notification in the widget.

You have daily access to message your coach about anything and everything you need help with. Sometimes you'll be at a stage where it's best for you to hop on a 1-on-1 coaching call with your coach, and sometimes all you need is a quick message response to help clear up something for you.
​How to message your coach effectively:

  • Ask clear, specific questions and provide as much detail as possible in your initial message

  • Write in complete sentences and with proper grammar

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