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You will find answers to commonly asked questions about KDP below.

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How do I upload my book to KDP?

Sign into your KDP account, go to your ‘bookshelf’, and follow the prompts under ‘create a new title’.

If I have an issue with my KDP dashboard, receiving a payment, or one of my books, what do I do?

Contact KDP support by clicking HERE.

Should I enroll in KDP Select?

Yes, we discuss this in the launch lesson of module 5. You should enroll in KDP Select because it allows you to run “free book promotions” and “kindle countdown deals” that you can use to launch your book. There is also an invisible hand effect that occurs when you enroll in KDP Select. This means that they show your book to more people. The exclusivity agreement only applies to your ebook, not to the paperback. You can continue to publish your paperback(s) through other distributors if you enroll in KDP Select.

Once your launch phase is complete, you should then opt out of KDP Select so that you can distribute your book on other platforms. You MUST opt out before distributing elsewhere…

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