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Here are answers for questions about promo codes, ACX and audiobooks.

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What do I do if ACX is taking forever to approve my audiobook?

ACX has increased their time estimates for the audiobook review process. If your book is past 90 business days, contact ACX customer support. The phone support team is usually more helpful than the email support.

What do I do if ACX told me that there are errors in the audio files of my book?

ACX also notified the narrator. Follow up with the narrator and let them know what the problem is and ensure that they fix the problem.

How do I cancel a contract with my narrator?

Contact ACX support and they will do it for you.

Should I stay exclusive with ACX or go wide with other distributors?

Yes, stay with ACX, because Audible has by far the largest market share of any audiobook platform.

Do I get paid for redeemed promo codes?


How do I generate more promo codes?

Go to the promo codes tab on the sale’s dashboard and click the button that says ‘get promo codes’. Next, scroll to the bottom and click ‘request more promo codes’. Note - Once your book has achieved 10 Promo Code redemptions and has made 100 qualified sales across your catalog you may request 25 more codes, up to 50 per title per marketplace.

How do I pay the narrator?

Usually through PayPal. Classify your payment as “for a business or service” so that there is payment protection if a problem arises. You can also use whatever other online payment processor you both agree to.

How do I send the finished manuscript to the narrator?

You will send them your finished manuscript through ACX’s website. Follow the prompts on the audiobook production page once you have signed a contract with a narrator.

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