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Book Cover FAQ's

All your questions on book covers answered.

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What is the best option if I want a high quality cover?

Please refer to Module 2: Lesson 4 to know what your options are in relation to your budget. Also refer to the Resource Cheatsheet for a complete list of options.

How do I know if my book cover is good or not?

See Module 4: Lesson 1 for everything you need to know on cover design.

Can I put a ‘bestseller’ tag on my book cover?

Yes, but only if it has actually achieved ‘bestseller’ status on Amazon.

What do I do if KDP is giving me an error code when I try to upload my book cover?

Contact your cover designer and let them know what the error message was that KDP sent (it will always tell you how to fix the problem) as well as a screenshot of the error page. It is your cover designer’s responsibility to deliver the correct size.

When do I begin the cover design process?

You can start the book cover design process as soon as you have decided on your title. Be aware that you will need to know the final page count for your paperback book before your spine and back cover can be made.

How many characters can I have in my title/subtitle?

Maximum of 200, including spaces and punctuation.

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