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For questions on citation and references, copyright, book publishing cost and other book content related inquiries, look here.

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Q: Can I write summaries of other successful books?

A: No. You will be infringing on copyright and trademark laws.

Q: Can I publish works that are now in the Public Domain or PLR content?

A: No. This is a violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service and will result in account termination and possible banning from KDP.

Q: I need custom illustrations/designs for my book. How do I hire a designer?

A: You can find designers on Fiverr, Upwork, and 99Designs. Simply tell them what you need and negotiate a price for the job.

Q: How can I make sure my book hasn't been plagiarized?

A: Make sure that your book is thoroughly cited. Always run a plagiarism check on your books before you publish them. Plagiarism checkers will never be 100% accurate. Anything between 2-5% is acceptable. Be sure to check back and see what it marked as plagiarized content. It may just be poor citing or an error with the plagiarism checker. This will help you to determine what the true plagiarism amount is.

Q: What is the overall cost of publishing a book?

A: Please refer to module 2 lesson 9 for a more detailed breakdown.

Q: How do I create a copyright page in my book?

A: The AIA copyright template can be found here

Q: Where do I get images for my book?

A: The images must be royalty free and “free for commercial use”. You can get them from stock photo sites like Shutterstock and Pixabay

Q: How do I cite sources in my book?

A: The most common style is the APA style. You can choose whatever style you like, as long as you are consistent throughout your book. (ex: Chicago Style, AMA, MLA etc.) This is a great automatic APA citation generator

If you’d like a simple “style guide” here is a massive reference explaining all about APA style.

Q: How do I register for copyright protection for my book?

A: Read this informative blog article on the subject:

Here is a link to the US Copyright registration site

A new lesson was created in April 2022, which helps walk you through the process. This can be found in module 5 lesson 4

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