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Q: What is the best ghostwriting company?

A: The Urban Writers and Hot Ghost are the most reputable ghostwriting companies. Keep in mind, the writing quality will be dependent on the specific writer that you get, not the company itself.

Q: What do I do if I am not happy with the quality of the manuscript I received?

A: Communicate with the writer/ghostwriting company. Ghostwriting companies are typically very understanding. Mark the revisions that you would like to see as clearly as possible and explicitly state what needs to be changed. Simply saying, “the writing is bad and needs to be better” isn’t going to yield the result you are looking for. Always keep in mind that you will always get further with kindness than anger.

Q: How can I ensure that the manuscript I receive is high quality as possible?

A: You need to have a clear and effective outline. That means articulating your thoughts clearly and doing high quality research. Always be sure to make your communication to your ghostwriter extremely clear.

Q: I’ve contacted support and my issues still haven't been solved with my manuscript, what do I do?

A: Only escalate your issue if it is absolutely necessary and if you are sure that you did everything in your power to make the order come out the way you would like. If you need to escalate an issue, you can ask to speak with a supervisor at the company and in a worst-case scenario you can request a refund. Exercise your ability to request a refund cautiously and sparingly. You don’t want to ruin your relationship with any ghostwriting company. If you are using The Urban Writers and find yourself in an EXTREME situation with your order and you’re not receiving the support that you would like; the owner, Marco Moutinho, is a part of the AIA Facebook community and has been known to solve community member’s EXTREME problems in the past.

Note - DO NOT MESSAGE MARCO MOUTINHO FOR REGULAR SUPPORT PROBLEMS. Exercise the privilege of communicating to The Urban Writers owner very selectively.

Q: How do I hire ghostwriters from Upwork?

A: Watch Module 3 Lesson 7 to learn everything you need to know about ghostwriters from Upwork.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the ghostwriter agreement contract?

A: It can be found HERE. Remember that all resources can be found in the Resource Cheatsheet.

Q: The Urban Writer’s premium package seems like a great deal for everything that is offered. Should I go with it even if it is my first time producing a book?

A: No. You should learn every step of the process before you begin outsourcing them all. That means learning how to research, develop an outline, craft a description, conceptualize a book cover, etc.

Q: Is there a significant difference between the top tier and the lower tier writers?

A: Sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t. It depends on which writer you are given. Many people find that the price difference isn’t worth the difference in quality. Remember, the most important factor to you getting the book you want is your communication with the writer. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to get the book where it needs to be before you publish.

Q: Do I need to proofread and edit the book if ghostwriting companies offer it in the package?

A: Yes. You always need to read your books before you publish them. No one has more incentive to create a high-quality book than you do. Therefore, you are going to be the best person to know what the book needs to be like for your audience and what problems need to be fixed.

Q: Is there a discount code for Urban Writers and Hot Ghost Writer?

A: Try TWINS5 as this was a valid discount code most recently for both platforms.

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