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Q: I am having trouble getting the keyword/Topic research extensions (DS (DS Quick View, KDSpy) to work. How can I fix this?


  • Step 1 - You need to ensure that you are running the programs in incognito mode on your browser. To do this, you need to: Click the menu button in chrome > More tools > Extensions > click ‘more info’ on the extension > Allow in incognito.

  • Step 2 - Clear all cookies and cache history on your browser

  • Step 3 - Restart your computer

    Q: I am having trouble finding the topic tracker and the profit analyzer spreadsheets. Where can I access them?

A: The topic tracker and profit analyzer spreadsheets are the same as the Google Slides file. You can find all parts of the topic tracker spreadsheet on the bottom tab of the file. The file is linked under lesson 4 in module 2 or you can download it HERE. Note - all of the downloadable files can be found in the Resources Cheatsheet and in the description of each lesson.

Q: Should I do keyword research on books that I write myself?

A: You should still apply the same principles that you learned in the module 2 lessons to analyze competition. The goal is to write books that are in low competition niches with a small amount of search results. Remember that you most likely won’t be building an audience with these books. They are intended to generate cash flow, not become the foundation of your business. Refer to module 2 for details.

Q: Do I need to do a trademark search for the keywords I choose for my books?

A: Yes. Every time you use a keyword for a book, you need to do a trademark search. We show step-by-step how to do a trademark search in this lesson.

Q: When I am doing keyword research, should it be on or their other marketplaces?

A: All keyword research should be done on

Q: Should I get KDROI?

A: No, it isn’t effective anymore

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