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Q: If I am from the US, do I need to set up an LLC?

A: No. You can just publish as an individual using your social security number, aka your tax id number. You don’t need to worry about opening up an LLC until you are making good profit (5k+ per month) from your business, where at that point it would become tax beneficial for you to open an LLC.

The same applies if you have a tax ID number from Canada, The UK or Ireland.

Q: If I am not from the US, UK, Canada, or Ireland, do I need to set up an LLC?

A: You do not need to open an LLC to publish eBooks and print books on KDP no matter where in the world you are from. Previously students would set up an LLC if they wanted to publish audiobooks on ACX, but this has been usurped by ACX who now require proof of residency in the US, UK, Canada or Ireland.

If you are outside of those 4 countries, you can still publish your audiobooks without an LLC, just not with ACX. You would need to use a 3rd party distributor such as Author’s Republic. They will still get your audiobooks published on Audible. The disadvantage is that you will not receive the promo codes that ACX gives (which are very helpful for gaining reviews) and you will receive a smaller royalty percentage. This is why ACX is preferred for those who can access it. There is a lesson specifically for getting your book on Audible via Authors Republic in module 6 lesson number 10 ‘Authors Republic’

Q: How do I handle taxes for my LLC?

A: All tax information should be directed to a certified tax professional. Information on where to find an online-business CPA can be found on page 31 of the Resource Cheatsheet.

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