How To Ask a Question or Get Help

In this article, you will learn how to ask a question and how to get help.

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At the end of this article, you will have learned how to access help with coaching and customer support related questions. As a member of the AI Publishing Academy, you have several resources available to you to get your questions answered.

During your enrollment, you will have 2 categories of questions;

  • Customer Support/Service Related Questions.

  • Coaching Related Questions.

Customer Support/service related questions

Customer Support related questions are non-publishing related questions. This includes enrollment, billing, course access, technical issues, and overall program use inquiries.

Please send us a message directly through the chat widget on the bottom right of your AIA dashboard to get your support questions answered.

Coaching Related Questions

For all publishing and coaching related questions, please use any of the following resources.

Check the FAQ Area

Ask in the AIA private Facebook community

In the FB group, your coaches, Community Manager and fellow students can weigh in and provide the answers you seek.

Click here to join the AIA Private Facebook community and you can ask publishing related questions there.

  • Answer all of the screening questions

  • Agree to the group rules

  • List your AIA payment email so that we can locate you in the system

  • Have or upload a Facebook profile photo

Send in your questions to the Q&A call

To send in questions for the Q&A call, please log in to the home page of your dashboard at On the right side of this page, and under Live Weekly Q&A calls, click on “Ask it Here”

When the next page opens up, fill in the form and then click on submit.

Congratulations, your question should have been sent to the coaches and will be featured on the next Q&A call. If you cannot attend, you can watch the recording and see the answer to your question.

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