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What Should I Do If I Didn't Receive a Call For My Success Call?
What Should I Do If I Didn't Receive a Call For My Success Call?

In this article, you will learn what to do if you do not receive a phone call at the scheduled time for your success call.

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This is a step-by-step guide of what to do if you haven’t received your Success Call (phone call) at the scheduled time you have chosen and have indeed received your confirmation email.

The confirmation email is there as a reminder of the call details and to verify that you successfully booked your Success Call.

Step 1

Check your phone to ensure you haven’t missed the call from our team for any reason.

If there’s no missed call/voice message, please verify within your confirmation email that you have selected all the correct information. (Date, time, time zone, phone number, etc.)

Step 2

If everything matches up and you still haven’t received our phone call or a text updating you on the status of the call, please reach out to us via the Blue Help Widget in the bottom right corner of your AIA dashboard (see image below).

In the message space when using the Blue Help Widget, please let us know you “have booked your Success Call and received your confirmation email. Verified everything is correct, but still have not received a call.”

Step 3

We will reach back out to you with an update and the next steps.

Please keep an eye out in your emails/chat widget for our response.

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